A composable and contextual tech algorithm

Making the 6 Dimensions
of New Age Retail Xperience
work for you!

Our expertise in the Retail domain has helped us identify the six dimensions that have a deep impact on the way consumers perceive and define their Retail experience with you. The six power-packed features of 6DX work in perfect unison to deliver the best POS solution for Retail, coupled with a frictionless customer centric shopping experience. With 6DX, what you get is perfect harmony of all the six key elements in the Retail mix to optimise your customers’ delight and achieve better management and operational growth.

Experience express fast checkout

Experience express
fast checkout

Barcode Based Scan/Search

Speeds up check-out lines with sales through barcode scanning

Role Based Authorisation

Provision to tie up user privileges with user-defined business roles

Zero Maintenance

Cloud POS reduces the server and other maintenance costs

Print / e-Receipt

  • Supports customised bills with pre-defined templates
  • E-receipts supports sustainability and reduces the paper-printing cost
  • Supports SMSes sent to customers’ mobile numbers with a tiny URL of the e-receipt

Order Booking

  • Allows management of advance orders for customer convenience, including order booking and recall
  • A dedicated dashboard for viewing history of orders received

Peripheral Integration

  • Supports seamless integration with peripheral devices like cash drawer, weighing scale, payment gateways, digital wallets and others

Offline Billing

  • Continue business operations with the support of offline billing in case of low network or power outages


  • Facilitates bill hold and recall
  • Facilitate refunds in the form of cash or as a direct transfer to a customer’s closed wallet
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Reach the right audience, always

Reach the right audience,

Item Based

  • Provision to define the discount promotions at SKU level
  • Supports new-age campaigns like BOGO (Buy One Get One), BMGM (Buy More Get More), etc.
  • Identifies slow-moving products and creates combo packs based on purchasing patterns, by combining slow-moving items with fast-moving items, and offering them at attractive prices

Attribute Based

  • Supports cross category based promotions
  • Supports promotions based on a specific attribute, to roll out acros the product category, including new arrivals

Invoice Based

  • Supports bill-buster campaigns
  • Defines multiple types of discount promotions that are applicable on an invoice, depending upon the customer group, organisations, date and time

Zone/Organisation Based

  • Promotions can be based upon zone or organisations
  • Provision to extend zones and organisations on the fly

Date And Time

  • Flexibility to execute campaigns based on date, time and day
  • Capability to define campaigns, such as Happy Hour, EOSS (End-of-season-sale) and more, to build customer engagement

Customer Group Based

  • Build unique experiences based upon customer segments, including family and friends, employee groups, loyal or niche customers, etc.

Fixed Price/MRP Based

  • Create unique promotions such as fixed prices or offerings based on MRP

Quantity/Value/Percentage Based

  • Flexibility to configure the conditions based upon quantity or value
  • Run discount promotions across the items as a whole or by percentage
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Ease of payment with various options

Ease of payment with
various options

Card Payment

Ready integration available with EDC machine

Digital Wallets

Supports payment from all standard digital wallets

Loyalty Points

Supports payment via loyalty points as a legal tender

UPI Payment

Readily available UPI integration

Meal voucher

Allows payment in the form of meal vouchers, to support varied categories of customers

Closed Wallet

Allows OTP-based authentication at the time of payment

GV Redemption

Enables customers to pay using a gift voucher

Cash Payment

Address the masses with denomination-based cash payments

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Know your customers better

Know your customers better

Customer Enrolments

Build a good relationship with your customers by knowing their name, mobile number, address, email address, birthday, and anniversaries


Capture authentication details of your customers as per the government policies depending upon the business requirement

Location Tagging

Have a record of complete addresses and landmarks to perform home deliveries and send out gifts on special occasions


Check the pulse of your customers to improve the quality of services and become a favoured Retailer


Offer analytics-based personalised engagement like never before

Marketing Campaign

  • Enable customer engagement by greeting them as a new customer, wishing them on birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions with the help of trigger, buzz and strategic campaigns
  • A comprehensive dashboard enables better awareness for better decision-making, ensuring higher profits

End-customer App

  • Allows better bonding with customers via two-way communication:
  • Just4You: Offers analytics-based personalised engagement like never before
  • Rewards: Provides access to real-time rewards summaries and Earn & Burn cash rewards
  • Receipts: Offers the facility of monthly/daily expenses lookup for the end-customer
  • Real-time Notifications: Inform users of new products and offers via push notifications

Social Media Integration

Sync users’ email and social media accounts to understand end-customers purchasing patterns

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Entice customers with the best of offers

Entice customers with
the best of offers

Pre Printed/Manual

  • Issue and redeem pre-printed gift vouchers for the end-customer
  • Provision to define manual coupons for mass consumption


Provision to auto-generate digital discount coupons based on pre-configured business logic


  • Facilitates sending out bulk coupons as a SMS (showcasing promotion or campaign details), to selected customers, to attract more shoppers
  • Generate manual or system-generated discount coupons, as single ones or in bulk, as per the business requirement
  • Provides an opportunity to cross-pollinate, for businesses to collide and create new and innovative campaigns

SKU or Invoice Based

  • Run discount coupon campaigns seamlessly to push slow-moving stock with our SKU-based discount campaigns
  • Marginally increase the basket size by promoting discounts based upon the bill value

Product Category Based

  • Collaborate with vendors to execute brand-specific offers
  • Maximise revenue with effective offers applicable on in-house brands

Zone or Organisation

  • Tailor promotions based on the store geography
  • Increase footfalls in newly opened stores with exclusive offers and promotions

Date and Time

  • Maximise footfalls during the least-active hours (or days) of business, by specifying time or day-bound offers

Customer Group

  • Create varied offers and promotions based on the customer category or group
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Become a Customer Favourite

Become a
Customer Favourite


Define loyalty programmes to the “nth” value based on customer segments

Loyalty Promotion

Enable functionally rich campaigns and promotions that can create instant cross-category or SKU based promotions, including 2x3x or loyalty bonus

Card Management

Allow your favourite customers to experience shopping via a loyalty card with your branding

Welcome Campaign

Magnify sales by promoting welcome offers for new customers

Point Transfer

  • Delight your customers by allowing them to transfer their loyalty points to a closed wallet, in the form of cash
  • Provision for the Retailer to convert loyalty points to cash and transfer it to a closed wallet, on behalf of the end-customer

Tier Upgrade

Encourage end-customers to indulge in shopping to experience additional benefits with tier upgrades

Point Expiry

With an automated engine, notify the end-customer to redeem points before they expire


Mitigate the risk of fraud by securing loyalty transactions via OTP or PIN based-redemption

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6DX builds synergies across the 6 dimensions of Retail and powers superior customer experience to accelerate the pace at which you achieve your business goals.