ETRetail Panel Discussion

The retail industry has undergone several transformations in the last few years. With an increased internet user base, the introduction of disruptive startups and rapidly evolving consumer behavior, retailers are actively investing in technology to offer premium and connected consumer experiences.

6DX, the world’s most comprehensive retail POS from Intellect Commerce and AWS, the foremost pioneer in cloud services, in association with ET retail organised a panel discussion with the top retail CIOs and CTOs to discuss how and why retailers should invest in automation, personalisation, and MACH architecture to drive growth.

The theme of the panel discussion was “Personalising experiences, retaining the new age shopper and maximising profits in the transforming retail industry”. The discussion threw light on the changing consumer behavior, growth trajectory of the retail industry, and technology trends for retailers to watch out for in 2023.

Talk Points :

  • Retail in the Digital Era - How automation could help retailers offer superior customer experiences?
  • Retail Tech for 2023: Key technology trends every retail brand must invest in 2023
  • What's MACH and why is it the present and future for retailers?
  • How open retail architecture could help retailers personalize consumer experiences, retain new-age shoppers, and maximise profits?

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