Make Your Customer Rise To Bait

Make Your Customer Rise To Bait

Make Your Customer Rise To Bait

Welcome back to “The Loyalty Outlook”! My first article of the series can be read here – The Loyalty Outlook where I talked about usage of stamps as a loyalty platform. With time, many of the renowned brands leveraged the data collected using such Loyalty programs to starting selling complimentary products. Amazon Prime remains a classic example of same.

What amazon does perfect is that it maintains the “stickiness” of the customer with its brand not only through loyalty benefits (Free Shipping) but also leverage this to sell additional services that maybe new service introduction for the company in the market. Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Now, Amazon Music are all such new services in India that the company has introduced and requires a scale to be built up fast to give them economical footprint. Should other multi-chain retailers not look at similar opportunities to cross promote their products/chains to increase their top line while acquiring the customers at possibly 1/10th of the cost?

7Eleven Stores, the famous convenient stores from US is now in multiple countries. This chain has enhanced its customer engagement with the help of a mobile app. The traditional loyalty mobile app that most retailers have offered to consumer for review/redeem his/er loyalty points is leveraged by 7Eleven Chain for Proximity Marketing i.e. any customer passing by their stores will get personalized promotions and offers basis their buying behavioral patterns. It is so amazing that your love for chocolates is known to a chain of stores no matter which location of the country you are in.

With loyalty campaigns, retailers of today look to build a relationship with their customers and keep them glued to their offerings. And in return a customer looks for the “shopper moment” – the ultimate experience of making a purchase.

We have some great success stories and as each retailer has a unique value proposition, to achieve the expected momentum, a brand needs to define their consumer value proposition carefully as there is no simple ‘win for all’ rule when it comes to consumer engagement.

Consumer Engagement, when crafted well, can do wonders to any business!

Laksh Dua

Laksh Dua is a business analyst working in the field of business intelligence and strategy in the retail space . He enjoys writing blogs and is an enthusiastic follower of emerging technologies

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