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Retail - With or Without Bricks

Transformation from brick to click and mortar could be a better practice with 2017.

This brings us to, what is Click and Mortar? - A business model that includes both online and offline operations, offering customers the benefits of fast, online transactions or traditional, face-to-face service.

Today, the retailers need to master their customer relationship in a way that integrates and maximizes the power of each channel that is the key - whether it is online purchase, promotions via social media channels, or promotional sale.

Any retailer should consider several qualifications before rushing into the online world of eCommerce or the in-store experience, including the two major factors driving for click and mortar business:

  • People still want to see, touch and feel products - an inherent limitation of ecommerce business, and an experience that only a store can deliver.
  • With the use of mobile continuing to grow, evolve and become increasingly important, brands that successfully merge online, often use mobile as the bridge for increasing bottom lines.

With industry examples of companies making this transition, including Wal-Mart, Best Buy and now Amazon, it becomes evident that Hybrid Ecommerce Business is trending and here to stay.

The change in the retailing strategies will have direct impacts on existing and future supply chain management strategies. Retailers need to invest time and money to evaluate the new technology and systems, essential to support both physical store and online fulfillment requirements - sourcing and transportation requirements to balance product cost, inventory visibility, newer dimensions of customer services and reporting.

Remember, with today's connected consumers expecting a seamless experience, bringing omnichannel business into existence is becoming increasingly relevant. And this transition to click and mortar can be one step towards the desired change.

About Author :

Richa Singhal

Richa Singhal is a marketing enthusiast who enjoys creating brand driven engagements in a competitive market with use of the dynamic media options available.

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