Unlocking Customer Engagement during COVID-19

Unlocking Customer Engagement during COVID-19

Recently, when Cristiano Ronaldo moved two Coca-Cola bottles aside at a Euro press conference, the market value of Coca-Cola dropped by an astounding $4 billion. Yes, we live in a world where personalities are idolised, but we also stand up for healthy and sustainable choices.

In a new environment-concerned world, or more so, in a world where customers are intelligent, it gets tricky for retailers to engage them effectively.

We are here to help you with some insights and actions that will help gain their shoppers' attention most efficiently.

Get into the minds of customers

Customers today are smarter, conscious and more aware. Retailers need to understand their customers to thrive and meet their expectations.

Digital media has altered how we shop. Whether you are a small or large business owner in this digital age, exploring omni-channel formats for your business will help put you in front of your customers more often than usual. Online searching for any product is at an all-time high, and that is why a robust online presence of your store, product catalogue, product information and reviews can help form a good first impression.

With the evolution of technology and automation in the retail space, customer behaviour analysis is also imperative for retailers. The basis of the customer insights and demographics, lucrative loyalty programmes, in-store promotions and offers will keep your valued customers engaged. Customer behaviour analysis and their preferences will also give you a comprehensive look into their most preferred products. This will help in better product assortment and aid in delivering an enhanced customer experience.

In understanding customers' behaviour the right way, a smart POS is a retailer's best friend. An end-to-end POS system that provides you with customers' purchase history and comes up with effective loyalty programmes is a must-have. iRetail suite of services helps offer a robust reporting framework and analytics to help you understand your customers better. Cracking effective loyalty programmes, incentives and integration with CRM gives retailers an edge, by engaging shoppers and enriching their shopping journey.

Ways to win over your customer

In the post-pandemic world of retail, consumers have trusted brands that put their health and well-being first. Many retail companies have quickly adopted new ways of working and have ensured empathy-driven actions to engage and retain their customers. First and foremost, this involves looking after their employees. Helping staff with security, stable operations and safety measures have successfully put brands in the good books of their customers. Another way to garner the attention of your shoppers is by handing them control. This can be achieved by providing them the convenience of varied payment and pick up options. Options like BOPIS (buy online pick-up in-store), curbside pick-up, self-checkout will help retailers put their customers in control. These seamless, hassle-free payment methods can help establish a stronger and more effective relationship with shoppers. Another essential element to engage your customers is efficient and quick customer service. Guiding customers in the store with product recommendations, basis their preferences and solving their queries swiftly are bound to give them a satisfying impression. New-age customers are eco-conscious; they stand up for a cause and engage with brands that resonate with similar beliefs. Nearly 63% of consumers prefer brands that stand for a purpose and social issues. Hence, embracing social causes and adopting sustainability will amplify your brand's presence and quickly put your brand in the spotlight. Young shoppers prefer shopping experiences on mobile apps, so having a presence in the mobile app market while presenting customers with various incentives, cashback offers and loyalty programmes will help to increase your brand's visibility.

Innovate and experiment!

To stay resilient in a world still gripped by the pandemic, retailers need to engage their customers in ways more exciting and unique than ever before. The key to achieve this is to allow your retail business to innovate and experiment. Leverage pandemic behaviours in your favour, learn from customers analytics and evolve your offerings. Repurposing your products to suit the current needs of your shoppers, investing in technologies like POS will offer a highly enriched customer journey and better customer engagement. So, what are you waiting for? Book a demo for iRetail POS now!

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