Upgrade your retail business with a complete Point-Of-Sale solution

Upgrade your retail business with a complete Point-Of-Sale solution

A single software with multiple functions

A billing software, Point-Of-Sale (POS), is not just a transactional tool that retailers need for billing and payment, it’s the success mantra of your business.

POS is a modular software that takes care of all your end-to-end retail needs. It simplifies your billing process so that transactions become easy for the end-customers. It single-handedly reduces operational cost, increases speed, manages inventory efficiently, and tracks sales.

Let’s explore what makes POS an important business technology:

Ease of Use

Retail has been largely governed by the old fashioned cash register and manually keeping notes of products. However, with growing business complexities and technological advancements, upgrading tools have become necessary, no matter how big or small your business is. Adopting POS software is easy-to-use and it comes with a user-friendly interface. It provides dashboards for store managers and staff to get a view of the product portfolios on a regular basis. It saves a lot of manual effort and energy, thus speeding up the processes, ultimately leading to enhanced profitability.

Enhances efficiency & reduces operational cost

A retail POS tracks inventory across multiple locations and stores. It gives real-time data of your stocks. Hence, the availability of stocks becomes easier to track and monitor. This helps in effectively reducing manual errors that result in overstocking and understocking. As it streamlines your retail operations in a day-to-day manner, it results in reducing operational costs and increasing the efficiency of the employees at large. It also enables the quick return of products once purchased, tracks cancelled products via sales report, resulting in reduced time and money on each order of the inventory.

Integrated Payment Gateways

With today’s changing retail environment, from brick-and-mortar stores to BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick-up In Store), a POS that is easy to integrate with leading payment gateway systems improves operational efficiency. Retail POS software supports an omnichannel payment system and is easily integrated with other payment channels like a digital wallet, mobile pay, credit card, debit card etc. This eliminates the need for the customer to manually key-in the debit card details or wallet information at the check-out counter. Hence, transactions become faster and easier to conduct. Result? Happy customers who don’t have to wait long for payment to process.

Greater Accuracy

A POS reduces the chances of human errors significantly as it seamlessly tracks products and manages sales data. With less operating time for employees to keep a track of, it increases the speed of the retailers to cover their daily jobs with zero chances of miscalculations and wrong data.

Monitor Inventory

One big advantage of retail POS is to keep a track of inventory across the outlets. It gives out stock details at real-time basis which helps in raising consignments and stock orders at the right time. This detailed information on each product helps in replenishment and product movement. This important feature of a POS helps in intelligent order decisions, resulting in less wastage of perishable products.

Tracks employee management

A retail POS easily tracks employee’s clock-in and out in the system. It keeps a check on the employees’ shift timings, analyses their performances and records their sales target. It gives you data on total hours of work by employees at various counters on a regular basis.

Effective real-time reporting

A POS provides you real-time information on effective analysis of sales and inventory turnover. It provides visible accuracy and speed in giving the information required to keep upgrading stocks. It monitors customer sales results and promotion results. This helps in understanding the profitability, and the cost of goods sold.

Managing promotions/offers

POS software supports and captures ongoing promotions and offers in the store. It consistently tracks loyalty-based programmes and points. It supports employee discount functions and redemption, and transfer of reward points to the end-users. It also provides detailed receipts and faster accounting instead of giving hundreds of receipts to go through in an old fashioned way.

Enhance customer experience

POS software is crucial to adopt, in order to give your customers a fabulous retail experience. While loyalty programmes and targeted campaigns attract customers largely, the POS helps them effectively in monitoring their self-service. By tracking sales on every tailor-made promotion, the retailer gets a platform to deep dive what works best to provide a “wow” experience to their customers.

An end-to-end intelligent POS that caters to your needs

An efficient retail POS system not only helps you manage business seamlessly, but also delivers growth and success. It leads to effective communication and connects with your customers with higher efficiency of operations, and speed of management.

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