We Eat Our Own Pie

Yesteryear's canteens in office are gradually moving to Food Court Concept. The food court serve as quick service restaurants with Pre-Cooked or Semi-cooked Food including snacks, meals, sweets and beverage to workers like us for a yummy tummy during work week.

In my previous blog I have already claimed myself belonging to family of foodies, with that positive let me highlight I am impatient too - I have a hate relationship with long queues and may be for many of us too. Food is the best that can happen to you as a breakout from work, but requesting a service to eat something becomes an everyday task.

What if our office food court could help us to time manage our lunch breaks - 20mins of eating, 20mins of walking, and rest 19mins for hobbies?

So, I am proud to share at Intellect, we walk the talk.

We have multiple locations with shared resources ranging from 400 to 4000+ employees. So managing people at this magnitude requires amazing skills. And to meet the requirement of meals and facilitate the crowd, there are more than 15+ outlets which are managed by different contractors. These canteens are at different floors and also some are situated in the open Food Court. The open Food court is operated out of re-furbished container's with limited space. But as we are expanding we witnessed that the contractors were sometimes facing the issue of monitoring sales and payments collection. While managing this, there would be long queues at his ordering counter which irritated the employees just like me and also led to loss of work time for the organization. Sadly, even if an employee wanted an additional item to eat he had to again join the queue for ordering.

We eat our own pie - Our experts introduced the idea of a Mobile App - iRetail Food Court Management in our premises. The app has a beautiful interface with all the canteens installed. Like Zomato's of the world, I can check the digital menu, view the items that our currently available, and order from my seat, no matter whether I am in a meeting or at my work desk. Via iRetail I also get to know in how much time I need to get to the canteen to hop on my food allowing more time at work station.

iRetail comes with two more awesome advantages - a. It helps to do additional orders while I am munching b. my friends, the transactions are cashless. iRetail has an option to do credit purchase, and facilitates administration to get our monthly billing reports to deduct spend from our salary. Wow, you can really throw parties at the end of the month at Intellect!

But this is not it. This thought has helped the Canteen Vendors too to get digitized. With iRetail Food Court management, the vendor is enabled to:

  • Billing via Mobile POS
  • Keep a track of Sales and Billing records
  • Automate Stock/Inventory monitoring
  • Manage the order for replenishment with authorized vendors
  • Efficient use of space as mobile is a hand held device
  • Accept multiple payments including cash, credit card, sodexo coupons and definitely credit sales
  • No requirement to manage cash and keep change readily available at large scale (particularly for Intellect

Just to brief, iRetail Food Court Management has been designed for Large-Mid Sized Entrepreneurs, with a recent fashion of Retail Brands participating in Exhibition and Kiosk Sales, currently being used by many of the large retailers across India.

To learn more, you can request a call back from our experts with an average work cycle of 10 years at: richa.singhal@intellectdesign.com

About Author :

Richa Singhal

Richa Singhal is a marketing enthusiast who enjoys creating brand driven engagements in a competitive market with use of the dynamic media options available.

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