The Fastest Checkout Xperience

Barcode Based Scan/Search

  • Speeds up check-out lines with sales through barcode scanning

Role Based Authorisation

  • Provision to tie up user privileges with user-defined business roles

Zero Maintenance

  • Cloud POS reduces the server and other maintenance costs

Print / e-Receipt

  • Supports customised bills with pre-defined templates
  • E-receipts supports sustainability and reduces the paper-printing cost
  • Supports SMSes sent to customers’ mobile numbers with a tiny URL of the e-receipt

Order Booking

  • Allows management of advance orders for customer convenience, including order booking and recall
  • A dedicated dashboard for viewing history of orders received

Peripheral Integration

  • Supports seamless integration with peripheral devices like cash drawer, weighing scale, payment gateways, digital wallets and others

Offline Billing

  • Continue business operations with the support of offline billing in case of low network or power outages


  • Facilitates bill hold and recall
  • Facilitate refunds in the form of cash or as a direct transfer to a customer’s closed wallet

Reach the Right Audience, Always

Item Based

  • Provision to define discount promotions at the SKU level
  • Supports new-age campaigns like BOGO (Buy One Get One), BMGM (Buy More Get More), etc.
  • Identifies slow-moving products and creates combo packs based on purchase patterns, by combining slow-moving items with fast-moving items, and offering them at an attractive price

Attribute Based

  • Supports cross-category based promotions
  • Supports promotions based on a specific attribute, to roll out across the product category, including new arrivals

Invoice Based

  • Supports bill-buster campaigns
  • Defines multiple types of discount promotions that are applicable on an invoice, depending upon the customer group, organisations, date and time

Zone/Organisation Based

  • Promotions can be based upon zone or organisations
  • Provision to extend zones and organisations on the fly

Date And Time

  • Flexibility to execute campaigns based on date, time and day
  • Capability to define campaigns, such as Happy Hour, EOSS (End-of-season-sale) and more, to build customer engagement

Customer Group Based

  • Build unique experiences based upon customer segments, including family and friends, employee groups, loyal or niche customers, etc.

Fixed Price/MRP Based

  • Create unique promotions such as fixed prices or offerings based on MRP

Quantity/Value/Percentage Based

  • Flexibility to configure the conditions based upon quantity or value
  • Run discount promotions across the items as a whole or by percentage

Ease of Payment with Various Options

Card Payment

  • Ready integration available with EDC machine

Digital Wallets

  • Supports payment from all standard digital wallets

Loyalty Points

  • Supports payment via loyalty points as a legal tender

UPI Payment

  • Readily available UPI integration

Meal Voucher

  • Allows payment in the form of meal vouchers, to support varied categories of customers

Closed Wallet

  • Allows OTP-based authentication at the time of payment

GV Redemption

  • Enables customers to pay using a gift voucher

Cash Payment

  • Address the masses with denomination-based cash payments

Know Your Customers Better

Customer Enrolments

  • Build a good relationship with your customers by knowing their name, mobile number, address, email address, birthday and anniversaries


  • Capture authentication details of your customers as per government policies, depending upon the business requirement

Location Tagging

  • Have a record of customer addresses and landmarks to perform home deliveries and send out gifts on special occasions


  • Check the pulse of your customers to improve the quality of your services and become a favoured Retailer


  • Offer analytics-based personalised engagement like never before

Marketing Campaign

  • Enable customer engagement by greeting them as a new customer, wishing them on birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions with the help of trigger, buzz and strategic campaigns
  • A comprehensive dashboard enables better awareness for better decision-making, ensuring higher profits

End-customer App

  • Allows better bonding with customers via two-way communication:
  • Just4You: Offers analytics-based personalised engagement like never before
  • Rewards: Provides access to real-time rewards summaries and Earn & Burn cash rewards
  • Receipts: Offers the facility of monthly/daily expenses lookup for the end-customer
  • Real-time Notifications: Inform users of new products and offers via push notifications

Social Media Integration

  • Sync users’ email and social media accounts to understand end-customers purchasing patterns

Entice Customers with the Best of Offers, Coupons & Vouchers


  • Issue and redeem pre-printed gift vouchers for the end-customer
  • Provision to define manual coupons for mass consumption


  • Provision to auto-generate digital discount coupons based on pre-configured business logic


  • Facilitates sending out bulk coupons through SMSes (showcasing promotion or campaign details), to selected customers and to attract new shoppers
  • Generate manual or system-generated discount coupons, as single ones or in bulk, as per business requirements
  • Provides an opportunity to cross-pollinate, for businesses to collide and create new and innovative campaigns

SKU or Invoice Based

  • Run discount coupon campaigns seamlessly to push slow-moving stock with our SKU-based discount campaigns
  • Marginally increase the basket size by promoting discounts based upon the bill value

Product Category Based

  • Collaborate with vendors to execute brand-specific offers
  • Maximise revenue with effective offers applicable on in-house brands

Zone or Organisation

  • Tailor promotions based on the store geography
  • Increase footfalls in a newly opened stores with exclusive offers and promotions

Date and Time

  • Maximise footfalls during the least-active hours (or days) of business, by specifying time or day-bound offers

Customer Group

  • Create varied offers and promotions based on the customer category or group

Become a Customer-Favourite


  • Define loyalty programmes to the ‘nth’ value based on the customer segments

Loyalty Promotion

  • Enable functionally rich campaigns and promotions that can create instant cross-category or SKU-based promotions, including 2x3x or loyalty bonus

Card Management

  • Allow your favourite customers to experience shopping via a loyalty card with your own branding

Welcome Campaign

  • Magnify sales by promoting welcome offers for new customers

Point Transfer

  • Delight your customers by allowing them to transfer their loyalty points to a closed wallet, in the form of cash
  • Provision for the Retailer to convert loyalty points to cash and transfer it to a closed wallet, on behalf of the end-customer

Tier Upgrade

  • Encourage end-customers to indulge in shopping to experience additional benefits with tier upgrades

Point Expiry

  • With an automated engine, notify the end-customer to redeem points before they expire


  • Mitigate the risk of fraud by securing loyalty transactions via OTP or PIN based-redemption
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