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The modern customer thrives on convenience. Shopping has to be seamless, time and cost effective and simple. Once a retailer manages to provide the customer with a delightful, personalized and efficient shopping experience, the customer reciprocates with loyalty and repeated purchases.

The 6DX cloud-based Point-of-Sale system was created to harness the power of the six crucial dimensions of retail - Fast Checkouts, Promotions, Payments, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Coupons and Vouchers, and Loyalty Programmes. These six elements work flawlessly together laying down the foundation for a futuristic nextgen retail shopping experience. Not only are the critical retail dimensions taken into account, but 6DX, the world’s most comprehensive in-store technology built on open retail architecture instantly integrates into any ERP and third-party application without interfering with the existing system to offer a seamless customer-centric shopping experience.

Overhaul Of 6DX

Built to change the retail experience in hypermarkets, supermarkets, fashion, and lifestyle businesses, 6DX is a highly scalable, user-friendly and cloud-native Point of Sales (POS) solution, created using microservices, and an API-first approach with MACH (Microservices based, API First, Cloud-Native, and Headless technology) enabled open retail composable architecture. It was developed at the R&D Innovation Lab at Intellect Commerce using the strong principles of Design Thinking to maximise flexibility and implementation speed.

Deep domain expertise spanning more than two decades and working with clients in many worldwide markets are the sources of 6DX's exponential technology. To maximise customer satisfaction and achieve superior management and operational success, retailers can use 6DX to bring all six essential components of the retail business into perfect harmony.

  • Faster Checkout: Give merchants the tools they need to make checkout quick and simple. These tools include barcode-based scanning, role-based authorization, order booking, peripheral integration, offline billing, refunds, etc.
  • Promotions: Transaction history mining provides information on customer behaviour, which is connected with characteristics of certain customer segments to inform promotion plans and percentage-based promotions.
  • Payments: Providing clients with a variety of payment alternatives, such as card payments, cash payments, digital wallets, reward points, closed wallets, and gift voucher redemption, makes the checkout process simpler for them.
  • CRM: Enables businesses to use customer data to their advantage by capturing information on client enrolments, KYC, location tagging, NPS, analytics, marketing campaigns, and social media integration.
  • Coupons: Automate customised promotions using pre-printed, digital, bulk, invoicing product category, and customer group-based coupons and vouchers.
  • Loyalty Programme: With a loyalty programme that offers multi-tier loyalty promotion, card administration, welcome campaign, point transfer and expiry, and authorizations, you can identify and reward customers and boost lifetime value.
Omnipotent Integration Across Businesses

Point of Sale (POS), as the name suggests, is the location and occasion where a customer pays for items. It's also frequently called the cash register. The POS transaction system is designed to make selling or buying in retail easier so that all transactions may be completed more quickly. A fully integrated POS system, however, offers a lot more benefits for retailers.

Developed in a state-of-the-art Design Centre, with experts examining problems in the retail industry, and questioning claims, designing a workable solution, and demystifying complexities using the principles of Design Thinking to provide algorithms that empower the retailer and his customer. 6DX allows you to dominate the retail business by enabling high performance and increased profits in your company. The six characteristics of 6DX work together to establish harmony between the new-age retail dimensions letting your consumers have a delightful and simple purchasing experience.

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6DX builds synergies across the 6 dimensions of Retail and powers superior customer experience to accelerate the pace at which you achieve your business goals.