Meet the New-Age Shopper who will Buy From You

Meet the New-Age Shopper who will Buy From You

The past year saw a significant shift in buyer trends, with physical shops closing due to the pandemic and consumers shifting to online shopping. According to, global online sales surpassed USD 4.2 trillion in 2020, with around two billion people purchasing goods online. As physical stores have begun opening again, buyers are still adjusting to the new normal. They are looking for something different – a good in-store experience. This experience varies according to the buyer type and persona, which is vital to understand.

Why in-store experiences are important

A modern shopper wants a good in-store experience since that is the only differentiating factor to an online shopping experience for them. They can access and purchase the goods they want online, but offline, they can enjoy the experience of shopping with immediate assistance and the opportunity to actually see and try on products. There are multiple types of shoppers, including the informed shopper, confused shopper, wandering shopper etc. Each shopper type perceives their shopping experience differently, resulting in a challenge for retailers to extend various shopping experiences that cater to different shopper personas. If a shopping experience is a hassle, shoppers will prefer to not return to the store, and this is applicable to all shopper types. Hence, to ensure that shoppers maintain their stickiness to a brand, retailers across the globe are investing in solutions that provide shoppers with a pleasant experience.

Attracting the right buyer

Once retailers understand the correct buyer type, they can work effectively to meet their expectations and create a sticky customer irrespective of the buyer’s persona, with these easy-to-implement tips:

  1. Never keep them waiting

    Modern buyers know what they want and where they will get it. They expect a quick shopping experience. A modern retail PoS software can alleviate this challenge and provide a smooth and quick buying experience; similar to shopping online, thus delivering an exceptional shopping experience.

  2. Offers they cannot refuse

    A bargain-hunter is influenced by attractive offers that get them more value for their money. Attractive offers increase the chance of shoppers visiting your store and making purchases. A retail management system helps retailers offer buyers specific promotions which can improve their experience. When a bargain-hunter gets a good deal, they will keep returning for more purchases.

  3. Reward loyalty

    A loyal customer is the best sort of shopper for any retailer and it is even better when this loyalty is rewarded, as it increases the chances of customers returning to make more purchases. Retailers can run an effective loyalty program with a sales CRM software, which can include tier based rewards, points based rewards, etc. A loyal customer who is rewarded will return for more purchases.

  4. Make them feel special

    A modern buyer wants a personalised shopping experience and retailers can provide this by offering them customised offers on special days such as birthdays and anniversaries. Master data management allows retailers to enroll customers in their system and send custom notifications for special days through custom apps or social media. This helps create an active conversation with the customer, thus building a strong relationship.

  5. Provide a unique experience

    Customers are always on the lookout for something new and different, which is why shoppers often prefer retailers that offer the opportunity to try new items. Retailers who can offer customers a unique experience with new products and unique coupons and vouchers tend to earn sticky customers and start the process of developing a loyal shopper base.

To stay ahead of the competition, retailers should constantly look for new ways to capture customer attention by gaining a holistic understanding of customer behavior across channels. Integrating customer data from different channels under a unified, comprehensive platform helps retailers provide relevant offers and recommendations to customers, thereby building customer loyalty and increasing revenue.

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