6DX: Cutting-edge
Retail Xperience Technology

The features of 6DX come together to create harmony between the different dimensions of new-age Retail. 6DX unlocks high performance and greater returns in your business, enabling you to become a leader in Retail. What it delivers to your customers is a delightful and intuitive shopping experience!


Envision your future, today

6DX catalyses your business by strategically optimising and powering operational integration across the Retail life cycle. Our technology, built on the bedrock of deep experience in the domain, ensures that the 6 key drivers of growth in Retail, come together to create a solution that redefines high performance and guarantees a game-changing experience in the challenging Retail ecosystem.

express-fast-checkout The Fastest Checkout Xperience

The Fastest Checkout Xperience

Fast Checkout
  • Barcode Based Scan/Search
  • Role Based Authorisation
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Print / e-Receipt
  • Order Booking
  • Peripheral Integration
  • Offline Billing
  • Hold/Recall/Refund
Reach the Right Audience, Always Reach the Right Audience

Reach the Right Audience, Always

  • Item Based
  • Attribute Based
  • Invoice Based
  • Zone/Organisation Based
  • Date And Time
  • Customer Group Based
  • Fixed Price/MRP Based
  • Quantity/Value/Percentage Based
Reach the Right Audience
>Ease of Payment >Ease of Payment

Ease of Payment with Various Options

  • Card Payment
  • Digital Wallets
  • Loyalty Points
  • UPI Payment
  • Meal Voucher
  • Closed Wallet
  • GV Redemption
  • Cash Payment
Ease of Payment
Your Customers Better Your Customers Better

Know Your Customers Better

  • Customer Enrolments
  • Location Tagging
  • NPS
  • Analytics
  • Marketing Campaign
  • End-customer App
  • Social Media Integration
  • Sync users’ email and social media accounts to understand end-customers purchasing patterns
Your Customers Better
Entice Customers Entice Customers

Entice Customers with the Best of Offers

Coupons & Vouchers
  • Pre-printed/Manual
  • Digital
  • Bulk
  • SKU or Invoice Based
  • Product Category Based
  • Zone or Organisation
  • Date and Time
  • Customer Group
Entice Customers
Customer-Favourite Customer-Favourite

Become a Customer-Favourite

Loyalty Programmes
  • Multi-Tier
  • Loyalty Promotion
  • Card Management
  • Welcome Campaign
  • Point Transfer
  • Tier Upgrade
  • Point Expiry
  • Authorisations

Expertise that is
Powered by Xperience

Intellect Commerce comes with over two decades of experience in providing full-spectrum, end-to-end solutions for Retailers across various verticals such as Hypermarkets, Supermarket chains and Fashion and Lifestyle.

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  • 73+
  • 50K+
  • 1Million
super & market

Are large data volumes worrying you? Experience speed and flexibility in operations with our hyper-supermarket billing software:

  • Progressive search capability at the POS
  • Centralised console for user rights and access management
  • Integration with peripheral devices like weighing scale
  • Day-to-day store management
  • Fastest checkout POS
fashion & lifestyle

Classify your items based on multiple attributes like style, size, colour and more, with our fashion and lifestyle POS software:

  • EAN code creation and management
  • Multiple instant campaigns and cross-category promotions
  • Pre-defined box barcode and label generation
  • Cross-store inventory visibility

The Art of Relationships. Winning Customers’ Trust

We have been the partner of choice for clients across the globe, looking to drive excellence through their Retail Xperience. Our technology is engineered to excite and delight. Their endorsements are a proud legacy of our commitment to this purpose!

“Our priority was to find a capable technology partner who can match up to our speed and provide a stable solution with a proven technology stack. We are a large group of companies with multiple 3rd party integrations and currently expanding even further in Retail and other businesses. Intellect Commerce’s iRetail was impeccable in all parameters that we had based our evaluation on, from stability to functionality, robustness, ability to integrate in a heterogeneous environment with 3rd party solutions, experience and Retail vision”.

Commodo Consequat

Priyan Nair

CIO – Retail Division, Future Group

"We appreciate efforts by Team Intellect Commerce to upgrade their product offerings ahead of the timeline as per the GST Legislation. Thanks for your efforts and expertise."

Commodo Consequat

Prakash Pattabhiraman

Director at Kalyan Group

“Namdhari is a brand that is associated with freshness of produce and high quality. As part of auctioning our brand promise, we want to harness the power of a single view of inventory and the customer. This has been made possible only with complete end-to-end deployment of the iRetail product which has reduced the cost of inventory carrying and has enabled better servicing for our esteemed customers.”

Commodo Consequat

Deepinder Singh

Namdhari Agro Fresh Pvt. Ltd.

“Bismi is in expansion mode. But expansion also brings along its own unique operational complexities. To overcome these challenges and to unlock our hidden potential, we require a robust digital supply chain solution that provides the right tools to achieve our goal. We are delighted to leverage Intellect Commerce’s solution. This solution is a crucial piece which we have adopted to smoothen our supply chain.”

Commodo Consequat

Jinu John

Bismi Hypermart Pvt. Ltd.

Trusted by the Biggest Names in Retail

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Meet the New-Age Shopper who will Buy From You

Meet the New-Age Shopper who will Buy From You

Converting First Time Shoppers into Loyal Customers

Converting First Time Shoppers into Loyal Customers

Envision an enhanced world of Retail opportunities with 6DX

Envision an enhanced world of Retail opportunities with 6DX


Envision an enhanced
world of Retail opportunities
with 6DX

6DX builds synergies across the 6 dimensions of Retail and powers superior customer experience to accelerate the pace at which you achieve your business goals.